Bread Baked to Perfection

Try the exciting flavors at our bread bakery in Davison, MI

You can elevate your go-to sandwich by purchasing fresh bread from Nana and Papa's Sweet Shop. Our bread bakery in Davison, MI offers a wide variety of loaves to choose from. From traditional to out-of-the-box flavors, we have all kinds of bread for you to bring home. And no matter which one you get, you can rest assured it was made with high-quality ingredients.

Delicious bread can take the taste of your dish to the next level. Buy a loaf at our bread bakery today.

What types of bread do we bake?

Looking for a certain kind of bread? Some of the bread types you can expect to see at our bakery include:

  • Italian
  • White
  • Sourdough
  • Smoked gouda and bacon
  • White cheddar kale
  • Cracked white
  • Lucky's bread

There's a flavor for everyone at our bakery. Take home a loaf of fresh, savory bread right away.